Google whistleblower tells of harassment

I was a little too busy on Wednesday researching the Jeffery Epstein “murder” to write this story up on Zachary Vorhies, the ex-Google employee/whistleblower, who was forced to go public after being doxxed and having authorities visit his home.

In June Vorhies a Senior Software engineer in a video — in shadow with his voice distorted — told Project Veritas that despite Google professing to be agnostic when it comes to political bias in their search results, there is a black list of mostly conservative sites that did not come up in search. Google execs also told Congress under oath that its search results were unbias.

Soon after the release of the PV video, Vorhies received a demand letter from Google for the documents he possessed. He was then outed on Twitter by someone he says was a Google insider.

In this week’s video Vorhies went public with PV’s James O’Keefe to tell of his life the past two months.

He explained how soon after receiving Google’s demand letter police stormed his home to execute a “wellness check” that included San Francisco’s SWAT and Bomb Squad units as well as the FBI.

Vorhies tells O’Keefe he has complied with Google’s demand letter, but only after sending copies of the documents to Department of Justice officials and members of Congress.

“This is an act of atonement to make my conscience clear,” Vorhies says in the new video.

“I’ve been living with this burden for 3 years. I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company. I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil.”

Google has not commented on this video as yet.


1 thought on “Google whistleblower tells of harassment

  1. Another true Living American Hero!!! Thank you, Zachary Vorhies for putting our Republic before monetary concerns!! If more people would follow your example we could really “take our country back”!!! 😉

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