DC indictments & Epstein fallout may make September the cruelest month for markets

The stock market begins its “fall” season this week, which takes on all the meanings of the word.

Historically, markets in the eastern US always lacked liquidity in September as capital moved to farmers out west to purchase crops during late summer.

While the crop purchases are no longer the problem, liquidity is still a concern as traders look to cinch up profits for the 3rd quarter. Historically September is the only month that averages negative returns for equities over the last 40 years.

We are 11 years since Lehman Bros. imploded in September when the street pulled liquidity from the firm and how I broke the biggest market story of my career.

That was the beginning of the weekend parade of black sedans parked outside the New York Fed’s office on Liberty Street in lower Manhattan as Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and NY Fed chief Tim Geithner played matchmakers to hitch up troubled financial institutions with buyers.

This September we could see trouble not from the months-long China tariff tiff but from bigger news coming out of Washington and Manhattan with the fall out from the failed Russian Collusion hoax.

Obama administration indictments from the Justice Department could jolt the market as well as further releases of names from the Jeffrey Epstein cases. There could be market-moving news outside of the financial world that could cause turmoil.

What will happen to the Nasdaq if you have three bold-faced named Founders/CEOs from Silicon Valley firms being forced to step down due to involvement with sex trafficking? The same could be said of firms in the Dow and S&P.

“Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies.

The names are there, the videos are there and it is just a question of when the information will be released. Although Epstein’s portfolio is in a trust now, I would be interested to know what companies he might have a short position in.

So strap yourself in, it could be a bumpy ride.


3 thoughts on “DC indictments & Epstein fallout may make September the cruelest month for markets

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