Barr looking into Schiff’s relationship with Ed Buck

Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice is looking into Rep. Adam Schiff’s relationship with Ed Buck, a the millionaire Democratic donor.

Buck was arrested and charged by federal grand jury earlier this month in the deaths of two homeless men who overdosed on methamphetamine given to them allegedly by Buck, 55.

Buck is charged with luring homeless men to his West Hollywood home with the drugs in order to have the men performed sexual favors for him.

The Schiff probe, according to a report by Larry Nichols — the consumate Democratic DC insider — telling True Pundit, is looking at the cozy relationship between Buck and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

“(Attorney General William) Barr is looking into why Adam Schiff was at Buck’s place 16 times,” said Nichols. “The reason Barr is obligated to look into Adam Schiff, and the fact that he was there 16 times, is because as a member of Congress if he saw at his time at Buck’s any illegal activity, he is obligated by law to report it.

“And if he didn’t report it, then he is guilty of a crime,” Nichols added.

The Justice Department had no comment on the matter.


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