Rudy must have access to the CrowdStrike servers and Awan Blackberrys

The biggest discovery Rudy Giuliani could have made in Ukraine was gaining access to the CrowdStrike servers and the discovery of the use of these servers by Imran Awan for his secret encrypted Blackberry phones.

This is the main reason for the impeachment speed up by House Democrats.

If Giuliani got his hands on the servers then he now has a treasure trove of incriminating information of the Deep State’s years-long arms and drug trafficking in Ukraine.

As I wrote of this breaking news on Tuesday, Awan was Democratic Party National Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT consultant who took a plea deal in 2018. However on Tuesday I told you the case’s files are sealed by a federal judge due to another criminal case.

I believe Giuliani has access to the Blackberry communications since he has uncovered the news that ex-US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was stonewalling any whistleblower attempts to alert US officials to corruption as well as the insider dirt on how ill-gotten funds were illegally laundered to pay Burisma directors — including Hunter Biden — huge bonuses.

You must remember I told you earlier that the Democrats would scream (even yesterday at the House Rules Committee impeachment hearing) about how US intelligence said it was “Russia, Russia, Russia” as being the culprits in the 2016 elections in order not to have any investigations into Ukraine corruption.

Well what happens when ex-CIA Director John Brennan and ex-DIA Director James Clapper are found culpable of working with Ukrainian operatives to disrupt the election? Does that not discredit the intelligence assessment of Russian meddling?

This is exactly what will happen and then the “Russia, Russia, Russia” fanatics will go the same way as the impeachment.


3 thoughts on “Rudy must have access to the CrowdStrike servers and Awan Blackberrys

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