Ukraine is why Trump has been battling for last 3 years

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsay Graham laid in great detail in his opening statement Wednesday the level of deception within the DOJ and FBI during the spying operation on the Trump administration during Crossfire Hurricane.

The outright lying and biases of FBI front-line operatives to take down a duly elected president was presented to the American people during DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony.

This is the same outright lying and biases exhibited by the House Judiciary Committee in its impeachment hearings on the other side of the Capitol.

While neither operation will be ultimately successful in the long run, the actions of the Democrats and partisan operatives has led to three years of unprecedented difficulties for the Trump White House and its dealing in national and international relations.

I still believe all these actions against President Trump revolve around his thoughts on Ukraine. His resolve to get to the bottom of US deep state operations within the Ukraine is the keystone to his years of trouble.

Over the last 20 years trillions of dollars have found their way to Ukraine in the form of World Bank loans, IMF loans, NATO funding, US funding and loan guarantees and UN funding to name just a few of the benefactors.

In all this time Ukraine has been labeled “One of the most corrupt countries in the world,” according to multiple witnesses at the House impeachment hearings.

The amount of arms and drug trafficking occurring in the country along with selling of nuclear energy from former Soviet Union stockpiles accounts for the level of corruption, which is not limited to just Democrats but goes across the aisle.

Why do you think the sons of many US politicians were making a very nice living working with Ukrainian energy companies, including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney and John Kerry’s step son.

Ukraine has been awash in capital for years, with much of it never getting to its ultimate purpose of defending against Russian aggression.

However, if you can’t say Russia, Russia, Russia, then why do you need NATO? There goes another trillion in potential profits for the deep state. So fight they must no matter what.

I wrote this a few months ago and it still holds true.

Look how bad the Russians are: Its annual GDP is $1.5 trillion with a per capita income of $10,743, which is lower than New York state’s $1.7 trillion with a per capita of $64,579. Russia is ranked 49th in the world by the International Monetary Fund on a GDP per capita basis just losing out to St. Kitts.

Hell, this country can hardly pay the electrical bill to hack our election.

No Ukraine is the nerve center of the “Never Trumpers” on Capitol Hill and the deep state. I’m just not sure Trump has enough foot soldiers to win this battle.


3 thoughts on “Ukraine is why Trump has been battling for last 3 years

  1. “I’m just not sure Trump has enough foot soldiers to win this battle.”

    Agreed…and the slimy bastards in the Senate. There are literally TRILLIONS of dollars subject to be lost by Globalists from PDJTs trade reset with China, and they – along with China – are throwing money at getting rid of Trump by the truckload. Many Senators are wealthy beyond their dreams already and getting old, as well. My concern is that enough Senators may say to hell with getting reelected, take the payoff and throw Trump under the bus. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not as confident as some about the Senate trial vote being a slam dunk for POTUS.


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