Schiff to Senate: Do as I say, not as I did

Rep. Adam Schiff demanded that the Senate do what Rep Jerry Nadler, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Schiff did not do in the House impeachment hearings: Hear witnesses.

Schiff’s passion plea to the Senate was do as I say, not what I did.

Pelosi did not want to wait for a court ruling on executive privilege and moved the articles along.

Now the Senate is being asked to do what Schiff did not do. He compares it to Bill Clinton’s impeachment, but there was a special counsel investigating the charges.

Schiff — in haste — acted as his own Star Chamber in this impeachment and did such a horrible job, however knowing he had the votes to move it to the Senate.

Now that the numbers are against him and the Democrats in the Senate, he is saying the the upper chamber must do what he did not.

Sheer desperation on their part.


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