The real reason President Trump is being impeached

What did Rep. Adam Schiff and fellow House Managers tells us in the first day of the impeachment hearings that reveals the real reason for this action?

Well besides doing their best Warner Wolfe impression by going to the video, they tipped their hand once again as to why they brought the impeachment charges to begin with against President Trump.

I am referencing the ties between US intel players, Ukraine and a think tank called the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council’s ties to NATO are strong with plenty of funding funneling through Brussels. Naturally with these strong ties the Atlantic Council — on its face — sees Russian and Vladimir Putin as the enemy.

The Atlantic Council is lead by General James Jones, who is the former National Security Advisor for Obama. The group has major funding ties to the Ukraine including benefactor Dmitri Alperovitch, who is the founder of CrowdStrike, and Victor Pinchuk of Burisma.

You’ll recall CrowdStrike ran the network servers for DNC and Hillary Clinton and also told the FBI that the servers were hacked by the Russians without providing proof. Burisma paid Hunter Biden to sit on its board, which President Trump also questioned.

This is the primary reason we heard so much of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” chant during the impeachment hearings and why we had Special Counsel Robert Mueller looking into Russian Collusion for almost two years.

So who are the disciples of the Atlantic Council that we heard from in yesterday’s videos?

  • Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.
  • Bill Taylor, who replaced Yovanovich as top diplomat in Ukraine.
  • Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council aide who worked on Ukraine.
  • George Kent, a senior State Department official.
  • Fiona Hill, former director for Europe and Russia at the NSC

Many of the names above have come out of the Atlantic Council before moving into US intel positions.

So all these “witnesses” that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff brought to his House impeachment hearing all have ties to an organization that is very tight with NATO and the Ukraine with a deep bias for Russia.

President Trump on many occasions has berated NATO over funding issues of members and really has questioned its need now. He has attempted to warm relations with Russia and Putin and finally has questioned Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election along with CrowdStrike.

I don’t think we need to see anymore information as to why President Trump is facing this impeachment hearing. Not that I believe we will ever hear the Atlantic Council’s name mentioned during the impeachment trial, since both parties have ties to it.

Yes it’s about quid pro quo, but it’s the quid pro quo of the Atlantic Council and its ties to festering unrest with the Russian boogie man narrative for lucrative NATO funding.


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