DOJ admits to illegal spying on Carter Page

The Department of Justice admitted In a just released court filing on Thursday that it did not have probable cause to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page in 2016.

The DOJ revelation was revealed by FISA Chief Judge James E. Boasberg in a filing on the case.

The Justice Department admitted that the last two FISA warrants on Page issued in spring and summer of 2017 were without merit and they will sequester all information gathered from the communications collected.

This admission should come as no surprise to my readers since I have been writing about FISA abuse since August of 2018.

It is unclear at this time what other investigations into the Trump presidency will be thrown out due to this FISAgate admission. You’ll recall that they used the Page surveillance to spy on other members of the White House using the two-hop rule.

That rule allowed the FBI to spy on anyone Page communicated with and then anyone the other people spoke to like in this diagram.

  • P talks to X
  • X talks to Y
  • Y talks to Z

So then the FBI collects all communications of P, X, Y and Z.

Judge Boasberg has ordered the DOJ to tell the FISA court how it plans to remedy this illegal spying operation.


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