Trump’s legal team has time on its side this week

The President’s legal team picks up the ball at 1pm Monday in the Senate impeachment trial.

For cause and effect I would thank the Chief Justice and members of the Senate for their time and consideration on this important matter and then say “You didn’t prove your case House Managers.” And drop the mic at 1:02pm.

Of course that will not happen. We will hear plenty on the constitutional rights of the president to seek rulings from the courts over executive privilege and whether the charges even reach the High Crimes and Misdemeanors threshold cited by the framers.

Since this is a political trial we will probably not hear much more on Rep. Adam Schiff’s “parsing of facts” to suit his narrative. A member of Congress cannot be charged with lying while in session, it’s just called hyperbole and will not sway the jurors.

I would think that the defense team will put on a 5-hour defense Monday, to allow a reasonable dinner for the Senators and come back Tuesday with a vote by 6pm so the verdict makes the evening news.

That’s based on Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell knowing he has the 51 votes to end the trial and exonerate President Trump. I believe in the end McConnell will get 51 votes, losing Republicans Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

That would leave the case without the conclusion that many Americans don’t know much about. How the Deep State actors tried to take down a president for meddling in their illegal activities through the think tank, The Atlantic Council, as I wrote here.

Perhaps those arguments and evidence can be presented at the next impeachment hearing in the summer. I’m not kidding when I write this.


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