Dem’s fear and loathing in Iowa, DC

Just what are the Democrats afraid of in Iowa?

First the Des Moines Register — the paper of record when it comes to the caucus — spiked its time-honored final poll on Saturday night minutes before going to press due to a problem with the questioning of voters, the paper stated.

On Monday, the Iowa Democratic Party leaders could not release results of the caucus because a new app being used had glitches that delayed the final tally, they said.

From where I sit, it appears Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting the shaft again, just like in 2016. Any data that suggests his campaign is surging is getting squashed.

The Iowa results will allegedly be released sometime on Tuesday according to officials.

Rep. Adam Schiff’s character assassination of President Trump in his closing argument in the Senate trial was shameful.

Since Schiff had no criminal charges to cite in his wrap up, he went back to his tried and true lying, suggesting at one point that “Trump could give Russia Alaska” for help in the 2020 election.

Under the Speech or Debate clause of the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 6, Clause 1) Schiff is protected from retribution from the executive branch. However, most of what Schiff accused Trump of was not in the Articles of Impeachment but merely character assassination. Someone should seek censorship of his actions in this whole affair.

Well these two items fall under the same rubric for the Democrats. It is fear and loathing.

A fear of Sen. Sanders and a deep-seated loathing of the President. The Wednesday Senate vote cannot come quick enough.

Enjoy the State of the Union tonight.


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