Greatest SOTU ever, just ask Pelosi

It could be the greatest State Of The Union speech I have ever seen. But don’t go by me.

The utter disgust on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she ripped the speech into little pieces on national TV told me I was not alone in thinking that.

Pelosi tore up the dream of a little girl from Philadelphia wanting to go to a better school. She shredded the the hopes of two young boys one wanting to be in the Space Force; the other taking care of his mother after his father died in combat protecting the US.

No Pelosi, in the midst of the worst week the Democrats have endured since before the Civil War, could not contain her emotions that she was outdone by the greatest political performance in history.

To make matters worse at at 4:20 PM or so Wednesday the House Democrats will now be 0-8 at impeaching President Trump over the last three plus years.

If this were a sports team the owner (the American people) would fire the GM (Pelosi) and the coaching staff (House Managers).

Maybe that is exactly what Madam Speaker thought as she tore up President Trump’s plan for the future, knowing she would not be a major player in the near future.

Perhaps it was appropriate for House members to wear white again this year. Instead of being a defiant show of strength, it indicates to the American people that they have finally surrendered.

One last note, congratulations to Rush Limbaugh for being awarded the Medal of Freedom during the SOTU. Well deserved and best wishes on a full recovery.


3 thoughts on “Greatest SOTU ever, just ask Pelosi

  1. Great post.
    Do you think it’s possible it wasn’t Trumps speech that she ripped up?
    Remember the Bush funeral “special” envelopes?


  2. Hip!! Hip!! Hooray!!! WE THE PEOPLE are winning all over the world. This Elitism is OVER….We have been awakened!!! No more gangsters running our gov’t…. Just think JFK & 9/11 if you ever need to be reminded that we NEED to keep a watchful eye on those running things for us!! Personally, I’m glad there are some Adults left in the room!! 😉 Prayers for Rush!!


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