Time to go on offense Mr. President: 1st and 10 at the 50

President Trump gave a rousing halftime speech to his team Thursday in the White House imploring them that the first half was difficult, but his defense stood tall and now they get the ball in the second half and it’s time to go on offense.

The analogy is apt.

It was reported Thursday that Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson not only have travel documents from the Secret Service for Hunter Biden’s trips on Air Force Two, but they also received confidential financial records on covert overseas payments.

President Trump has also removed National Security Council members who perpetuated the quid pro quo charge over the Ukrainian phone call. Questioning — as many Americans did — their allegiance to US policy decisions by the President.

While we’re on the topic of allegiance, President Trump should raise the issue of dual citizenship of any American working in government. Is there a reason that high-ranking officials in the Congress, the White House and Intelligence communities need to carry more than one passport?

If there is and they can justify it, fine. But many will not be able to prove their case.

As I wrote on Thursday, it is time for President Trump’s team to go on offense and investigate what the Democrats did not want to come to light over operations in Ukraine.

Follow the ratlines in covert operations dealing with arms and drug trafficking going through Ukraine into Iran, Syria, Pakistan and northern Africa.

A good place to start is Burisma. But not only Hunter Biden. No Hunter had a fellow board member named Joseph Cofer Black. Start there.

Black first off helps explain Sen. Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote. Black was a top official in Romney’s failed presidential campaign.

This could explain the strange votes Romney cast in the Senate over impeachment.

He voted against calling witnesses, but voted for abuse of power. No reason to bring Black in to testify before the Senate and draw the connection, but Romney would like nothing better than to stop the Trump team from going on offense.

So let’s go Mr. President, it’s 1st and 10 @ the 50.


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