Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

You say you want a revolution, well you know they don’t want to change the world.

As we move through the President-elect Donald Trump’s news of possible cabinet members, we are not seeing the independence of the candidate that many followers had hoped for.

Traditionally, we are about a week from the first cabinet selection, which is Secretary of State followed by Treasury and Defense in short order.

News has floated out that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s name has surfaced. This is another party stalwart who criticized Trump as being unfit to hold office.

I understand there are limited choices for these positions within the Trump campaign since it was built on being outsiders, but it looks to me like: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

This administration’s selection process has a spotlight on the Attorney General selection simply because of the pending probe of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and looking into the Clinton Foundation. However, it appears that Trump is backing away from pursuing this line of query, which is part of the non-revolution I cited in the lead.

The former great comedian Bill Hicks, whose comedy was even edgier than George Carlin, I believe had a great skit but I can’t locate on the web, about any incoming president and the process before he takes office.

Hicks said a day after the results of the election are official, the President-elect is taken to an undisclosed location and is shown the Kennedy assassination film, but not the Zapruder film we all know, but this film is from the shooter’s perspective. After viewing the film the men in the room ask, “Any questions?”

While all great comedy is rooted in reality, seeing Trump after the election, I have to wonder if it is the enormity of the situation that has changed his demeanor. There’s one thing to be presidential, there’s quite another to leave your personality and what got you into the White House at the door.

That said, I will reserve some judgement until we see the actual selections probably starting late next week. But the words and actions coming from the Trump camp right now don’t give me much promise of the campaign’s rhetoric of draining the swamp.