Social tracing may test anti-social results

All the latest talk from the Democrats is centered on testing.

Besides this being another obstacle to getting the country open, what testing are the Democrat pundits talking about?

Are we testing people who we believe currently have the virus or administering the antibody test to find out who has had the virus?

The more antibody tests we do, the lower the mortality rate will decline towards levels usually seen during a severe flu season. As I wrote Thursday NIAID chief Dr. Anthony Fauci was publishing a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine dated Mar. 26, 2020 that suggested this would be the case. However at the same time he was telling Trump to shut down the US economy.

For instance, in New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that a 3,000 person study showed 14% had tested positive for antibodies with higher levels in New York City. This study translates to a mortality rate of 0.5%, which is much lower than previously believed.

Another important point on the antibody test results. Who is receiving these results? Are the test results  anonymous or are they tied to you personally?

What will happen a year from now when insurance companies use this antibody test data to say you are uninsurable because its discovered that a certain percentage of the infected have long-term organ damage?

I would like to hear that the social tracing programs will comply with Hipaa laws. However by using social tracing tools like your smartphone, it appears many agencies will need your identity to track the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This is uncharted territory and I believe safeguards should be put in to protect people against future harm.


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