Barr needs to unlock Durham’s criminal probe

Attorney General William Barr told reporters on Monday that “today” i don’t see criminal charges coming out of US federal attorney John Durham’s investigation against President Obama or Vice President Biden.

Barr tempered his thoughts by saying he wanted a clean election, unlike the 2016 contest.

While there is clear evidence that FBI, Justice Department and intelligence organizations were running a “insurance policy” operation against President Trump in case he was elected, plausible deniability may exist at this point into the Oval Office.

As the indictments are unsealed and further evidence is released into the conspiracy to take down the president, further motives and directives may become apparent to law enforcement.

All this will take time. More than likely way past the Nov. 2020 election, which I believe Barr was suggesting with his clean election comment.

Surely when we unpack the FISA abuse narrative and the naming of Special Counsel Robert Mueller the paper trail will extend further than front line rogue operatives.

For today, we need to see the lower level of indictments unsealed to get the ball rolling and let the American people discover the opposition that President Trump and his administration faced between 2017-2020.


1 thought on “Barr needs to unlock Durham’s criminal probe

  1. Mr. Barr certainly is entitled to exercise Freedom of Speech in his own right but there is no chance of a ‘clean election’ at this point or seemingly at any point in the future. All elections now are contested from the moment the pols close and the results are announced and certified.
    We simply have a form of power grabbing by various factions to which the majority are literally ciphers on a rigged screen.
    Look at the unemployment or inflation numbers for two good examples of manicured outcomes. Government numbers must be used to start as we must start somewhere but then the real work of analysis and interpretation begins and skepticism is not even required as media firms literally instruct the population as to the ‘truth, its meaning, and what opinions are acceptable.

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