Gov. Cuomo time is up! Open NYC

Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to open New York City on his best terms for phase 1right now or he will lose any ability to control it.

In his daily message Cuomo is pumping up the idea of sports coming back to placate the huddled masses waiting to breathe free. However, it is not enough to say hey maybe baseball in July will help.

His daily regional monitoring numbers have NYC just lacking the 30% threshold for open beds and ICU beds in hospitals. Listen, Cuomo found beds when we allegedly needed them

Even sending elderly sick Covid-19 people back to nursing homes to ravage others while the USNA Comfort and Javits Center went largely empty during the height in cases. The hospitals in the outer boroughs were also closed early on as well.

It’s just the same as Cuomo citing daily intubations being down. Ask the governor how many of the reductions are because the patient died?

Ask New York State mental health professions about the impact of the shutdown. Cuomo cites the importance of saving one life, but you don’t mention the suicides brought about by people losing their way of life through closed businesses.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMI-NYC,) is seeing a jump in calls and messages since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in New York on March 1.

“Yes, the volume has increased significantly —we set an ll-time high last week for the number of people contacting the NAMI HelpLine on a given day with a 45 percent increase,”  Dawn Brown, director of community engagement at NAMI said.

We of course will not get official numbers during the shutdown in New York on suicides for many months.

Memorial Day weekend — as Nassau County is closing its town beaches to NYC residents — will be the time New Yorkers will seek their freedom.

Governor you can make the choice on opening or the fed up citizens will make the decision for you.


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