Antifa abused Black Lives Matter again

Black Lives Matter lost a tremendous opportunity to begin to change race relations in the US.

Following the horrendous death of George Floyd, the nation was united to change. So powerful was the video that all Americans could see that something had to be done.

However BLM allowed radicals like Antifa to once again take control of the narrative and lose the high moral ground that could have made Floyd’s death a true turning point.

The arson and looting in major cities over this weekend have certainly muddied the waters and disrespected Mr. Floyd’s death. Also the amount of damage to black-owned businesses and properties should also be a wake up call for BLM members that Antifa is not an ally, but agent provocateurs. President Trump is correct in designating Antifa as a terrorist organization.

The insurgency of Antifa into peaceful protests is not an organic outgrowth but a calculated, well funded paramilitary operation. As you can see by this recruitment flyer laying out the terms and conditions for new recruits to be paid and rewarded with bonuses for their illegal activities.

The name referenced in the document, which the recruits are told must be kept secret, is D.A. Donnelly who is the treasurer for Friends of Democracy.



Clearly this is a well-funded operation with strong ties to far left organizations.

I assume we will see high-level arrests in the coming days as federal law officials have been tracking Antifa money operations for the last two years.


3 thoughts on “Antifa abused Black Lives Matter again

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