NY’s political leadership are as thick as a brick

New York City is scheduled to reopen on Monday, June 8th. The question remains, what will be left to reopen if Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo don’t get their act together?

The saddest truth of all is that there is a total lack of leadership here in NY on all sides of the issue.

Cuomo, espousing daily his progressive agenda on race relations, while alleging he is not running for any other office. De Blasio approving his daughter’s behavior for being arrested at the protest, while curtailing appropriate police reactions. Both pols last week were already calling for probes into police responses during the early days of the melee.

Please, what leader believes setting an 11 PM curfew is the right call? What leader has the National Guard sitting on the sidelines in case they are needed.

And where are the leaders of Black Lives Matter? How is looting and arson strengthening the case for change?

As I wrote Monday, BLM is being abused by Antifa who has a completely different agenda. One that wishes to blow up black neighborhoods and businesses, not give them a hand up.

Peaceful protests have occurred outside Manhattan, where out-of-town Antifa thugs do not wish to roam. But I would say at this point BLM has just about lost any good will from many Americans, who saw George Floyd die on video and was with the idea that something must change.

There is ample evidence of peaceful protestors protecting neighborhood businesses in Brooklyn and Queens from Antifa thugs and local looters.

So perhaps leadership is not needed for the protestors, they see who is on their side and who isn’t.

Hey Cuomo and De Blasio you want to get to the root cause of this. Have police investigate who is dropping pallets of bricks off onto the streets of Manhattan?

That can’t be to hard since there is ample video in Manhattan and no construction allowed until next Monday’s opening, if there is an opening to have.


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