Barr: Durham’s criminal probe into Obama’s Russian Hoax moving forward

On Tuesday Attorney General William Barr told Fox News that Connecticut  US Attorney John Durham will soon be criminally charging those involved in the Russian Collusion hoax.

Bar went on to say that many of those charged will be known names to the American people. The AG went on to say that It’s a little annoying everyone saying nothing has been done. The wheels of justice turn very slow but don’t think they won’t be held accountable.

As I wrote last year, the early focus of the criminal indictments will be the Obama administration’s intelligence and FBI operatives. These are the people who perpetuated the hoax with full knowledge that the claims were fraudulent.

While Barr points to due process as the cause for the delay in announcing the indictments, it should noted that many of MSNBC’s commentators will soon be unable to profess their innocence on air.

A quick note that Q confirmed in drop 4444 last night my post from yesterday morning on the Dems in NYC wanting to use new Covid-19 cases as a result of the riots to keep the city in lock down.


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