Another capital idea from BLM “protestors”

How far are we from renaming our capital because it honors a white man?

Each and every day more lunacy is projected by “protestors” looking to exert some perceived privilege they believe they now have. Many achieved this “right” through unlawful means like the rioters in Seattle, who state they control the city center.

The hypocrisy of left-wing pols and news organizations to condemn peaceful protests by citizens to draconian lock down measures during Covid-19 shutdown and then three weeks later celebrate the looting and burning of cities across the nation.

I know that a vast majority of Americans decry the murder of George Floyd, but I also know the continuing lawlessness is not acceptable to this same majority.

The democratic leadership — if you can use that word — appear to one upping the protestors in their actions and words and why not since the Democratic National Committee directly benefits from all the Black Lives Matter donations through the Act Blue PAC.

It’s time for Washington — or whatever we will call it next week — to act for the benefit of the 300+ million Americans who want law and order and not the thousands looking to tear it down.

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