Barr & Durham have Intel agencies in their sights

As I wrote on Tuesday that Attorney General Bill Barr and Federal Attorney John Durham had  serious questions about Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz report on what initiated the FBI to launch the Crossfire Hurricane operation to spy on the Trump campaign.

Well I now know that Barr and Durham have the goods on ex-CIA Director John Brennan and ex DIA chief James Clapper. While Horowitz could not look at the involvement of the intelligence agencies, Barr and Clapper have free reign.

So prior to bringing in the FBI to spy on Carter Page, the CIA — who had Page as an asset for a number of years — had him working with Russians. Once that operation was underway the intelligence community let it be known to the FBI through back channels that a Trump aide was involved in trying to get Hillary Clinton emails from the Russians.

Fast forward a few months in late 2016, as the FBI is preparing to go to the FISA court with this information to spy on Page, a CIA official alerts the FBI that Page is their asset.

This information would have quashed any spying, however FBI lawyer Kevin Kleinsmith writes an email saying Page is NOT a CIA asset and onto the FISA court they go.

Barr and Durham know exactly where this whole spying operation started — the Oval Office — and worked its way through the intel agencies and crashed with the FBI probe.

It’s going to take a little longer (late spring) to gather the evidence to trace it back, but there are plenty of bread crumbs in Horowitz’s report to follow.


5 thoughts on “Barr & Durham have Intel agencies in their sights

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