Dem leaders are running New York into the ground

Mayor Bill de Blasio cancelled the running of the New York City Marathon on Wednesday.

The 50th running of the famed race was to be held on Nov. 1 this year.

While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still cannot give parents and students an answer on whether schools will be open in September, de Blasio’s crystal ball knows the race would be too risky.

The fact that the presidential election will happen two days later, you can see that if the race was held, then how could you push for mail-in ballots instead of flocking to the polls due to the alleged next wave of Covid-19.

Cuomo on Wednesday said he was looking for ways to bring back the city after four months of shut down and three weeks of riots and protests. The governor said he didn’t want to hear from large employers telling workers they may not be back in the offices until after Labor Day.

However both Cuomo and de Blasio are doing everything to stymie any economic ressurrection with actions like quarantining some visitors for 14 days or cancelling a world-famous marathon, which brings millions into the city.

The more these two Democrats ankle the city’s comeback, the more New Yorkers will be running for the exit.


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