Maxwell is still getting the silver spoon treatment

Why have we not seen the Ghislaine Maxwell mud shot?

Why have we not seen the Maxwell perp walk?

Why are the federal authorities protecting her from public humiliation?

These are basic questions I have for Attorney General Bill Barr.

Maxwell is being held at New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, which is across the East River from where Jeffery Epstein died in the federal lockup in  lower Manhattan.

Is Maxwell cooperating with the feds? Did she have her “Queen for the Day” interview with the feds?

“Queen for the Day” is when you have one interview session with the authorities and anything you say — providing it is true — will not be used against the defendant.

Remember one of the charges against Maxwell is lying to the feds.

The other charges are not as serious as the ones against Epstein, which is puzzling given the testimony by some of the victims, Maxwell is only really charged with aiding and abetting Epstein and not with actually being a pedophile herself.

That could change, but I think not.

Maxwell’s bail hearing and arraignment is scheduled to be held via video conference early next week, a Manhattan federal court judge ordered Tuesday. While she is being held in the fed’s Eastern District of New York, she will be tried in the Southern District.

Let’s see what happens, because like Epstein, Maxwell is afforded accommodations that cause me to go Hmmmmm.


1 thought on “Maxwell is still getting the silver spoon treatment

  1. It is possible Barr is primarily even entirely concerned with the public perception of the election. He wants Trump out though without the election appearing to be ‘cooked to order’.
    It is the ultimate sort of bureaucratic cynicism as he is head ‘cook’ and imagines 50.001% will simply swallow an artistically prepared mash-up.
    Skeptical? Of course you should be but count the number of charges delivered by any of these crooks since 2016 regarding political offenses such as by the FBI.
    There have been no significant cases.


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