Mayor de Blasio is now a graffiti ‘artist’

As I write this on Thursday morning, Fifth Avenue at 57th Street in Manhattan is closed to traffic so Mayor Bill de Blasio can paint Black Lives Matter on the street outside Trump Tower.

How this is appropriate for a city government to take such a spiteful action like this is so beyond the pale?

How does anyone living in New York City — no matter your politics — think this is a good use of the city’s limited resources?

I remember back in the 1970’s when the city battled to thwart the graffiti artists from overrunning the trains and abandoned properties. Now the Mayor is using city employees to tag the street in front of Trump’s property.

Meanwhile, there are stores in Midtown still boarded up from the George Floyd rioting last month.

It is not surprising that NYPD retirements have soared 400 percent since the mayhem has started compared to the same time last year.

I really can’t wait for 2020 to end.


1 thought on “Mayor de Blasio is now a graffiti ‘artist’

  1. IMG_4119.PNG
    When we begin to see clearly the goals of the Kalergi Plan come together, in real time, you know that the black lives community and the Communist leadership in America have joined forces. The ultimate goal is Communism. And all the useful idiots of every color helped them bring it home. I hope they are proud.


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