Time to bring federal agents into NYC to restore order

Hey Mayor Bill de Blasio you believe you are doing the right thing for New York City residents, well I have video from the Brooklyn Bridge that says you are not.
While police officials were arresting someone during a demonstration on the bridge, an unknown assailant with a cane injured several officers including NYPD Chief Terence Monahan who sustained a broken finger.
Incidents like these will only increase as criminals feel emboldened by your actions. Your $1.5 billion defunding the police push along with painting 5th Avenue with Black Lives Matter is seen by residents as giving criminals a get out of jail free card.
Governor Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio have literally done that through their “bail reform” and shuttering Riker’s Island during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Let me ask why would de Blasio and NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea decide to end the NYPD plainclothes unit? In my opinion it had little to do with the Eric Gardner case.
It had more to do with the success of the unit on stopping crime. Look at the statistics since that order came down last month.
Shootings in the city have soared 205 percent compared to last year. There have been more than 116 shootings from June 15 to July 2. In 2019 there were 38 shootings over the same period.
I believe it is time for President Trump to bring in federal agents to bring back some order to the city. Federal agents and their arrests are not subject to the city’s no bail order and carries stiffer jail stays.
Believe me once that happens the criminals would realize they can’t get away with blooding police brass.
Nevertheless, if Cuomo and de Blasio think they are doing right by the city, well, I have a bridge to sell.

1 thought on “Time to bring federal agents into NYC to restore order

  1. Have to begin with arresting de Blasio and the city council and bouncing the down to Gitmo for interrogation with the aim of gathering more intel for further arrests.

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