Time to escape from New York City

Well today according to  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Manhattan is back to work as we enter phase four of the Covid-19 re-opening.

Yes good luck with that. No Manhattan offices are opening up anytime soon.

Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are delusional in thinking Manhattan will come back to normal for a long time. Between the four month shutdown, the damage from the rioters posing as George Floyd protesters and the painting of Black Lives Matter on the street outside Trump Tower in Midtown, these two Democrats have signed Manhattan’s death certificate.

Now add in the number of shootings that are soaring in the city as NYPD struggles with defunding measures and you have the makings of New York City under ex-Mayor David Dinkins.

Just look at Manhattan residential properties, which are vacant, commercial property is empty and who knows when and if those properties will be filled.

I believe Manhattan is gone for the next year or so as employers know they can do without paying the high Manhattan rents for their employees. What that means for the future of restaurants and other fast food providers doesn’t bode well.

I don’t believe anyone in January of this year could have “re-imagine” that this would be the fate of Manhattan in seven short months. But Cuomo and de Blasio will both put on happy faces today at their press conferences and announce all the places we will not be able to go to as New York City enters the last phase of re-opening.


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