Cuomo threatens citizens over Covid-19 lock down fatigue

It’s become apparent from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference on Monday that this is no longer about Covid-19. It’s all about his control.

Cuomo, who has professed it is all about facts, threaten New York City with shutting down restaurants and bars because of crowded streets over the weekend.

However, before he threatened the residents Cuomo was extolling the lowest numbers in Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. So governor where are the facts that these crowded bars over the last month have caused any spikes in positive testing or hospitalizations?

I’m looking for facts that would make your threats feasible. I see nothing that would back up your words. No data or facts.

The same goes for your assumption that people from other states are traveling to NYC through the airports and could bring an uptick in infections despite being quarantined.

Believe me no one is vacationing in the city. No one is coming to Gotham for business either. You and Mayor Bill de Blasio took care of that with your handling of Black Lives Matters rioters posing as protesters and the surge in shootings over the last month.

Cuomo’s talk on Monday chastising NYPD officers for not enforcing laws and breaking up crowds is priceless given the polictians reaction to BLM rioters.

Nope. New York will not open until after the presidential election. This is not about Covid-19, it’s about holding back the economy to thwart President Trump’s reelection. Those are the facts that many New Yorkers have come to know.

As I wrote yesterday it’s time to escape New York.


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