NYC’s destruction: MTV awards show a go; 9/11 Memorial nixed

Each and everyday this summer I awake in New York to another strange decision that would have been unheard of some six months ago.

Tuesday did not disappoint as news came out from New York’s political cabal stating that the MTV music awards would be held in NYC at the end of August, however the 9/11 Memorial, where the victims names are read aloud at Ground Zero was cancelled.

How are we allowing these politicians to continue to set perverted priorities for us without any consequences.

  • Planned Parenthood open; churches closed or severely constrained.
  • Nightly protests with destruction of police equipment; while Blue Lives Matter rallies are cancelled or constrained.
  • Liquor stores open; AA meetings closed.
  • The list could go on forever.

The Silent Majority does not dress in black and take to the streets to protest, we look to the ballot box for redress. I’m beginning to believe that solution may not be the remedy we seek, due to the desperate efforts already taken by Never Trumper’s on the left over the last three and a half years.

The page one photo of a casket holding the body of 22-month-old Davell Gardner, who was shot and killed last week should tell all New Yorkers how far Gotham has fallen in the last six months.

Lawlessness reigns supreme in many parts of NYC and yet as I have pointed out numerous times the Democratic leadership continues to defy logic with their decisions.

Look no further than the antagonizing message New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio painted outside Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. Both he and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo believe NYC will rebound economically, but you place this partisan message in the heart of the once highest-end shopping districts in the city.

As I have said, no one — including residents and tourists — will be coming back to NYC anytime soon because of these measures being enforced by the Democratic “leadership” in New York.

Let’s hope Wednesday sees the pendulum beginning to swing back in our direction, but I’m skeptical that will happen anytime soon.


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