Barr took Nadler, Dems to the woodshed

Tuesday Attorney General Bill Barr’s House testimony started with a car crash by  Chairman Jerry Nadler, but ended as a train wreck for the majority Democrats.

Barr, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, took up well the Democratic game plan of claiming he was a Trump toady. When the AG was allowed to answer their questions, Barr explained he was attempting to bring the rule of law to both sides of the aisle after the exposure of the Obama’s Justice Department corruption of spying on President Trump and his campaign.

The idea that Barr should be impeached, which has been formally introduced by Dems in this committee, over Justice’s response to defending a federal courthouse in Portland, Ore. or removing rioters from Lafayette Park across from The White House must have a hollow ring to most Americans.

Barr made the point of defining between protesters and rioters in both instances and favored the former while condemning the later. He pointed out that protesters do not bring power tools, incendiary devices and lasers to blind police to their demonstrations.

Ranking member Jim Jordan laid out the real reason for the hearing at the beginning when he told Barr: The only reason you are here is because you told this committee last year that you believe the Obama administration spied on Trump and his campaign.

The Democrats are hoping to halt Barr and his US Attorney John Durham from releasing damning indictments against the Obama administration’s Justice and Intelligence officers.

So flummoxed was Nadler — who fell asleep at one point — towards the end that when AG Barr asked for a 5 minute break he said “No”. Barr responded that he waited over an hour for Nadler to show up after the minor car accident and Nadler consented.

That exchange — in a microcosm — told you everything you need to know about the day.


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