Gov. Cuomo tramples the First Amendment

So ends another brutal weekend in New York for the First Amendment.

As Governor Andrew Cuomo forbid Ted Nugent from performing at a pro-law enforcement rally on Long Island on Saturday because of the state’s quarantine rule, lower Manhattan exploded in violent rioting over the weekend with several police SUVs damaged and fires set.

Ironically, it was Cuomo who alleged that The New York Post had Covid-19 blood on its hands for pushing for a quicker re-opening of New York. The attack on the paper comes as the Rupert Murdoch-owned property has continually questioned the state’s response to the thousands of deaths in nursing homes.

The Governor stated that Florida,Texas and Arizona listened to The Post and fellow Murdoch paper The Wall Street Journal and opened too quickly and that’s why they have rising Covid-19 cases.

However the real reason for Cuomo’s angst is The Post asking for an independent review of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker’s March 25th mandate to return Covid-19 infected people to nursing homes without proper precautions.

Remember Governor, it’s all about the facts as you like to say. So why not have an independent investigation into the facts?


1 thought on “Gov. Cuomo tramples the First Amendment

  1. Thanks, Michael!! If anyone wants to know the “leanings” of our Gov.; check out what he did to Catherine A. Fitts!!! These parasites have been bleeding the systems of our governments for TOO


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