Cuomo, de Blasio plans will take out NYC dinning

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week invited Manhattan billionaires to come back to the city sating, “i’ll buy you dinner and a drink.”

Well governor according to new survey by the The NYC Hospitality Alliance you might have a problem finding a table since 83% of NYC restaurants and bars could not make their full rent payment in July. This is worse than the 80% that did not make June’s full payment.

“Restaurants and nightlife venues are essential to the economic and social fabric of our city, but they are struggling to survive and absent immediate and sweeping relief so many will be forced to close permanently,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.

While Coumo is eager to report that New York City has an infection rate bouncing around one percent, it is the only area of the state that has no partial indoor dining options. Residents can go to Nassau or Westchester counties to eat in air conditioned restaurants however where infection rates are similar.

The struggle of establishments to provide their fare in an ever-changing environment, while trying to stay compliant as state officials look to fine those not up on the latest regulations is daunting.

Where is the ad campaign from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio or the governor telling people New York City is open for business?

Oh, that’s right they can’t say that because of their horrible decisions. New York City is not open. The hotels are packed with homeless or prisoners from Riker’s Island. The streets are not not safe as shootings and other felonies are on the rise.

It really is a sad state of affairs that the city and state leaders take no responsibility for taking New York City from the top tourist travel destination in the world to a ghost town in less than six months.


3 thoughts on “Cuomo, de Blasio plans will take out NYC dinning

  1. Dictators if extremely competent and intelligent are always a great risk factor though there might be great benefits but there can be nothing but misery from the Tin Pot Trash Dictators running NY/NYC and many other places.


  2. Cuomo and DeBlasio have no idea what it’s like to run a business in NYC. They think every single law protects everyone and is important. Eating at a restaurant ok, drinking only is not ok. Mind you, the same thing is occuring; sitting down for a period of time and socializing…unless they feel that restaurant patrons are simply eating and leaving after they eat their grub. Such a$$holes.

    Remember in the last election, 15% of ALL OF NYC voted for DeBlasio. Hardly a mandate, and quite frankly is a statistical error in DeBlasio’s beloved Cuba.

    Vote these people out!!

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