De Blasio doing a horrible job: President Trump

President Trump must be reading this blog, I joke.

He came out on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night and lambasted the Democratic leadership in the city for what has become the new New York City.

“I left [New York City], it was four years ago; it was a wonderful place. You could see signs of badness but it was a wonderful place,” Trump said.

“What’s happening in New York is so horrible for our country. What they’ve done — what Mayor de Blasio has done to that city in a short period of time is horrible,” the President added.

Trump was speaking about the uptick in shootings, which began at the same time the city began “defunfing the police” and taking plain-clothes officers off the streets.

Trump also cited the Democratic primary ballot tallying problems in the city as an ominous foreshadowing of Nov.’s presidential election.

The president said of the ballot-counting problems in New York’s congressional primary race with House incumbent Carolyn Maloney, who last week said she won six weeks after her election.

“You’ll never know who won the election, just like in New York. They had an election with Carolyn Maloney, a third-rate congresswoman that I’ve known for a long time … well, she won, but they have no idea where the ballots are … her opponent is having a fit.”

Don’t forget, the President also changed his residency to Florida from New York before the Black Lives Matters was painted in front of Trump Tower.

Leave it to a real estate guy to know when to get out of Dodge.


2 thoughts on “De Blasio doing a horrible job: President Trump

  1. Good one, Michael!! 😉 Seems the aims of the D’s is to make us into a Third World Country!!
    Why can’t we just come out & say “They are Communists?!”

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  2. Seriously, does any USG ‘agency’ or ‘branch of government’ take responsibility for anything that happens inside the USA?
    Seriously, is the Supreme Court the ‘Sovereign’ but completely incompetent?
    Mr. Trump might as well be a commentator or a guy in Washington Square Park.


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