DNC not in a New York state of mind

It appears to me even the Democratic National Committee is walking away from New York’s party leaders at their virtual convention in Milwaukee.

While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was tapped to give a 5 minute pre-recorded speech that focused on President Trump’s Covid-19 response, the speech did not mention that most of New York’s deaths centered on Cuomo’s decision to put elderly sick people back in the nursing homes.

Also New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was left out of a montage of former Democratic presidential contenders.Perhaps because de Blasio polled at less than 1 percent his involvement was discounted.

Another presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave an unimpressive, short screed that showed exactly why she had to bow out early.

No, it appears the DNC did not want to show New York as the beacon on the hill for the party’s future since there are too many shortcomings from its Democratic leadership.

Tough, loving and smart may be the governor’s buzz words, however the DNC is not so stupid to make New York’s leadership the party’s stalwarts.


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