Leadership is what New York City needs right now

It amazes me that now the alleged “experts” are saying New York City needs to be saved.

New York doesn’t need a new ad campaign or street sweepers. That can come later.

Where were the experts a month and half ago when rioting and looting were creating food deserts in The Bronx and Brooklyn for minority neighborhoods?

Vast stretches of minority-owned businesses were gutted during the riots either by fire or looting or both. Businesses that the local people needed to sustain any type of normal life have vanished.

So now we see these experts suggesting the changes needed to bring back the city to its former glory. There is no Big Apple without its people.

The number of Manhattan apartments for rent more than doubled over last year, according to a report from Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel. A record 13,100 rent listings are now available as the number of new leases signed fell by 23 percent from last year at this time.

People have escaped New York and nothing the Democratic leaders are doing will bring them back anytime soon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo can offer them a meal but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has nothing to offer because he helped create this nightmare with his radical, reactionary policies.

Can New York survive until the Nov. 2021 election to bring in new leadership? The simple answer is NO. At the rate the city is going down this slippery slope, by then it will be a Mad Max landscape with only people who could not afford to leave being trapped here.

No matter what the experts suggest, what New York really needs is new leadership right now to stem the exodus and return law, order and decency to its residents.

Then and only then will New York City come back strong.


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