NFL needs to get its game back or else

In 2016 I wrote an Op-Ed for The New York Post on the demise of the National Football League.

So it pains me to say that this season is likely the apex for the NFL. In 10 years — perhaps less — professional football will be out of business as we know it today.

It sounds impossible given its popularity, but football cannot survive as it is now.

Well in 2020 the NFL has taken a major step towards fulfilling my prophecy much earlier than I thought back then.

The politicization within the sport has taken TV ratings to new lows. In the all important 18-49 demographic Thursday night’s Chiefs-Texans game pulled in a 5.2 rating, plummeting from last year’s 12.8 rating.

Taking a knee has many fans taking a break from the game. I’m sure when the overnight ratings come out today for Sunday’s games it will show a similar outcome.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could find himself sacked by the owners if he can’t stem the tide.

NFL fans — by and large — are Americans who are tired of seeing their neighborhoods under siege. The last thing they want to see are teams disrespecting the National Anthem and the flag.

The Jets-Bills game Sunday made no mention of 9-11, despite it being two New York teams. No moment of silence or salute to the first responders.

A woke NFL will go broke if this continues and will be sooner than the 10 years I thought.


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