A day in the life in 2020 is just not normal

While we are still 40 days or so from the presidential election, how is the US ever going to get the Inauguration Day intact?

Civility and unity seem to be thrown out the window in 2020.

This afternoon I planned to have an early dinner with a friend in Manhattan, which is not a normal endeavor in these times. However, my greatest concern is not contracting Covid-19 in the city. No, my worry is being in the city and the reaction should Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announce his decision on whether to bring charges in the Breona Taylor case.

I truly do not wish to be in Manhattan when this decision comes down.

How have we come to these end times, where I could fear for my life by having dinner with a friend?

That’s not the only concern I have in 2020. I put a Trump 2020 sticker on my car and my rear window was smashed. I had three Trump 2020 lawn signs stolen. I know not to wear a red cap no matter what it says.

Covid-19 aside, these times are so strange that I wonder how America will ever heal. Not sure if my parents felt the same way going through the late 1960’s and its tumult, but I don’t see a new disco music movement in our immediate future. LOL.

So I sit here this morning trying to figure out how to plan my afternoon so I can be safe, but still enjoy life without being a shut in. After all it is just dinner in Manhattan, which I have done hundreds of time, but in 2020 your head needs to be on a swivel looking for the next probable altercation.

It’s unbelievable to me that these are my concerns in 2020. I hope 2021 brings better times and less concerns for everyone. But I don’t see that happening since our politicians are openly suggesting rioting in the streets if President Trump is reelected.


3 thoughts on “A day in the life in 2020 is just not normal

  1. Been in business for 40 years. We live in a “privileged” city in Northern California
    Actually contemplating a “vacation” day or week right after the elections as I don’t really want to worry about shop business as the “crazies” descend on whoever their victims might be who obviously deserve an attitude adjustment {or worse}
    Head on swivel is the way to look at things.
    Like your articles…Hang in there!

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  2. Thanks for putting down in black & white what your “reality” is!! I have a sneaky feeling there is some sort of “Trump Card” that is going to be played…..let’s hope so!!! 😉

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  3. It is going to be a tough 10 years as the post 1945 population is turned under by the Grim Reaper and this applies to the entire ruling set in DC. No chance of operating in the 21st Century with a ‘ruling class’ born 1930-1960 and it does not matter who they are or what they did.
    Private industry is different but for public office mandatory retirement at age 65. When you see people actually dying of old age holding office as with RBG and others aging out has simply gone too far.


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