More agita for NYC restaurants and bars

Some startling figures from the New York City bar and restaurant industry were released late Monday that should give most citizens agita.

A full 87% of Big Apple bars and restaurants could not pay their rent last month, according to the newest industry poll. That hardship number has jumped over 10% since June as the Covid-19 lock down continues to claim jobs and businesses, but fewer and fewer lives.

“Restaurants, bars and nightlife venues have been financially devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said NYC Hospitality Alliance’s executive director Andrew Rigie.

“Even before the pandemic when operating at 100 percent occupancy, these small businesses were struggling to stay open. Now we’re seeing widespread closures, approximately 150,000 industry workers are still out of their jobs, and the overwhelming majority of these remaining small businesses cannot afford to pay rent.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have conceded that at the end of Sept. these battered businesses may allow for 25% indoor occupancy, which is probably too little, too late.

The additional burden of staffing for the newest protocols of taking temperatures and collecting social tracing information may make the effort moot. Besides the Five Boros, the rest of New York state has been at 50% occupancy for months with no elevated outbreaks detected.

The nonprofit industry group estimates that 150,000 hospitality workers are out of jobs with little prospects of employment in the near future.

Between Cuomo’s draconian dictates and de Blasio’s asinine comments that equate eating in a restaurant with white privilege, these two Democrats could pave the way for a President Trump win of the state in Nov.

Now that’s something I can stomach.

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