Biden laptop scandal is rapidly getting worse for Joe, Hunter

There were so many developments Tuesday in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal I’m not sure Papa Joe will make it to the presidential debate on Thursday.

The Department of Justice and the FBI both confirmed what Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe stated on Monday, that the Hunter Biden laptop is not Russian disinformation.

Secondly, Rudy Giuliani was in a Delaware on Tuesday swearing out a criminal complaint in a New Castle County police station against Hunter Biden for child endangerment as a result of material found on the laptop. The highly inappropriate material Giuliani presented to the authorities may involve a younger family member.

Thirdly, Bevan Cooney, a long-time business associate of Hunter Biden, who allegedly is working with authorities, has been moved from his Oregon prison to another facility. Also Devon Archer, another Hunter Biden business associate had his fraud conviction reinstated recently and has been talking with authorities.

Lastly, the Secret Service travel logs confirm all the trips Hunter Biden made reference to in his emails and text messages on his laptop. Remember the FBI has possessed the laptop since 2019, when the Delaware computer repairman turned it over to them.

Following my stories from Monday and Tuesday on the Democratic National Committee’s discussions on replacing Joe Biden, the URL has been registered since the middle of August.

A clarification on an earlier assertion. In a presidential election you are not voting for the candidate per se. You are voting for the party, which then tells your state’s Electoral College representatives who you want to be president. So switching candidates at the last moment really should not have a great impact on the vote.

A vote casted last week for Biden is the same vote as one cast next week or on Election Day no matter who the DNC has at the top of the ballot.


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