Trump’s path to victory is littered with landmines

While watching the Trump campaign’s press conference Thursday, I had a sense that Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and the rest of the legal team have uncovered something huge, but will not be able to make a case for it in the next month or so.

That being said, I do find it astonishing that there is so little media coverage of the allegations laid out by the Trump legal team. The fact that election results were held on servers outside the US and the foreign creation and ownership of the Dominion Voting Systems used by many states needs to be probed.

Powell did confirm Thursday my earlier report that computer servers were confiscated by US officials in Frankfurt, Germany last week. However, Powell could not say which federal agency has possession of the servers that allegedly held Dominion election results. “Being outside government, I’m not sure if the good guys or the bad guys have the servers,” she said.

Also on Thursday night Associated Press called Georgia for Joe Biden making him the first Democratic presidential candidate in 28 years to win the state. Needless to say there should be federal monitors in Georgia in January for the two senate races.

The Trump legal team’s strategy appears to be to sue state election officials in federal court for certifying results in key battleground states where they allege fraud took place.

The idea is to force the election into the House Of Representatives if neither candidate receives the necessary 270 Electoral vote. Once in the House each state gets one vote. Republicans hold the majority votes in this scenario.


1 thought on “Trump’s path to victory is littered with landmines

  1. My great grandfather published a German newspaper here in America. The job of a journalist is to report the truth and to be a type of watch dog for folks. Today the news media has become a corrupt propaganda machine with evil intentions. Thus the need for honest reporters like you. Thank you, Michael!

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