New lock down coming to NYC?

As New York City faces a new lock down as new Covid-19 cases continue to rise, a  Harvard University study shows almost 30 percent of Gotham’s businesses have shuttered due to the pandemic.

I fully expect to hear later today or tomorrow that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will impose additional draconian measures on New York City small businesses. The warning was issued Sunday when Dr. Anthony Fauci said New York should open schools and close down the bars and restaurants in response to Covid.

“It’s devastating how many restaurants have shuttered and jobs have been lost,” Andrew Rigie, executive director of NYC Hospitality Alliances, which represents bars and restaurants told The New York Post.

“And with the infection rate rising and the looming threat of indoor dining closing again, many more will close unless the government provides adequate support to these small businesses,” Rigie added.

Well since today is called Cyber Monday, I believe New Yorkers should be buying holiday gifts as close to their front door as possible. There is no need to make Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos any more richer.

Remember back in March when WalMart and other big box stores were considered essential, while your local stores had to close for Covid?

These small businesses have a dramatic impact on your neighborhood. Closed storefronts impact property values and quality of life for all who live nearby.

So when media is telling you it’s Cyber Monday, forget that and make this holiday shopping season all about taking care of small businesses in your neighborhood.


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