It appears the victor will not get the spoils this year

Let’s say Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.

It’s been a month after the election and still Harris has not resigned from her Senate seat.

Why is that? President Obama gave up his Senate seat two weeks after the election in 2008.

Also why is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still holding up the Covid-19 stimulus funding?

I believe actions speak louder than words.

If the election is over these two acts should have already taken place. People are dying by the day because of financial hardship and yet Pelosi and the Dems are holding up the bill to provide any benefits to Americans.

Is this a big tell that the Democrats know what is coming in the next few weeks? Do they not want to give President Trump a victory?

You see this also with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claiming that a Covid-19 vaccine is months away despite The White House says it is weeks away. 

Cuomo said Tuesday he is petitioning the federal government over the citizenship information protocols for the vaccine. Why would he have a problem if the program will start after Biden is inaugurated? Biden would be able to change the program at that time.

Not one Democrat will act on any measure right now. 

It appears to be that the alleged victor will not get the spoils this year.


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