No participation trophy for you

The Electoral College is not an investigatory or deliberative body. It’s a mechanism to answer the constitutional amendment of indirect Presidential elections.

The voters of the individual states cast ballots and the electors meet next Monday and cast their ballots based on how the popular vote went.

Some states allow for how the popular vote went in the individual congressional districts, while others can split along the percentage of votes cast in the state.

But no where in the US Constitution does it allow for the Electoral College rank and file to ask for documents and probes before casting their ballots.

So the row breaking out over faithless electors wanting to see evidence of Russian hackers or President-elect Donald Trump’s tax returns is foolish and demeaning.

Some Democrats going into their best “Where’s my participation trophy” mode, are attempting to gin up accusations of Russian hacking or ballot manipulation to put the election in question.

This would only push the Presidential election result into a House of Representative vote in the beginning of 2017, where with the new session it would be controlled by the Republicans.

It’s a foolish endeavor, and I have probably spent too much time on it anyway, but I felt it had to be said.

Lastly, I have boxes of participation trophies for any of you disgruntled Democrats in my garage from 10 years of coaching. Never gave them out, since I did not believe that everyone deserves a trophy.