A truly historic week begins

So a very important week begins as Nancy Pelosi won the Speaker of the House role in the new Congress with 216 votes to the 209 votes for Republican challenger Kevin McCarthy on Sunday.

On Tuesday Georgia will vote on the two open US Senate seats, which will determine which party has the majority in the upper chamber.

Wednesday brings the Electoral College vote to the Senate with Vice President Mike Pence overseeing the opening of the ballots.

The normally pro forma procedure of tabulating each states’ electors will be highly contentious this year as Republican senators and representatives plan to challenge which slate of electors will be counted. I will have more on this Tuesday.

Also this week perhaps as many as 1 million Trump supporters will arrive in Washington DC to attend Wednesday’s stop the steal rally outside the Capitol Building during the Senate Electoral College hearing.

Whatever happens in Washington this week, it will be one for the history books.