Vindictive Pelosi to delay additional Covid relief to impeach Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Americans on Sunday that she would initiate the dual track assault on President Trump by pushing for impeachment charges and requesting VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

As I wrote last week, this has little to do with 2020 presidential election. The Democrats want to take Trump running again in 2024 off the table by convicting him of a high crime or misdemeanor and/or finding him unfit to hold office.

I do not believe at this point either tact will succeed. In my research I have found opinions on both sides of the issue whether a private citizen (when Trump is out of office) can be impeached. There is no presidential precedent for it.

Remember it took Congress 9 months to give Americans harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic $600, however the vindictive Pelosi is motivated to get this done in 9 days.

So don’t look for any additional Covid-19 relief funds being authorized anytime soon, Nancy is on a mission.

On Friday night Twitter banned President Trump from posting on its site whether through his own account or the @POTUS handle.

In early Monday morning futures trading, Twitter stock is down 10 percent on the news of purging conservative and Republican voices.

My question is when will there be a shareholder lawsuit for banning an account with over 80 million followers? If traffic is the prime driver of share value, then when will aggrieved shareholders hold CEO Jack Dorsey and management responsible for the harm?


3 thoughts on “Vindictive Pelosi to delay additional Covid relief to impeach Trump

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