What will Inauguration Day bring?

Riddle me this about Inauguration Day on Wednesday.

President-elect Joe Biden received 80 million votes, which should mean he has a clear mandate, and yet he has Washington DC in lock down with miles of fences topped with razor-wire all around the Capitol Building.

Biden has 25,000 National Guardsmen for protection, while bridges into and out of the capital will be closed. There is also concerns of a possible attack from within the ranks of the Guard, according to an AP report.

The National Mall — where his supporters should congregate to celebrate his victory — is closed off by the government. The Inauguration parade will be virtual, whatever that means. I have not heard of any Inaugural Balls usually held the night of the swearing in.

Reportedly Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is set to resign her Senate seat on Monday.

Something does not ring true to me about all this.

Enjoy Martin Luther King Day.


4 thoughts on “What will Inauguration Day bring?

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