Biden getting off on the wrong foot

So President-elect Joe Biden is still about 30 hours away from assuming the office and yet his policy decisions so far are having great effect on America.

Biden’s immigration stance has prodded more than 2,000 migrants from Guatemala streaming north during a pandemic. As the caravan moves through Mexico how many more migrants will join?

Biden also vows to cancel the permit for the $9 billion Keystone XL pipeline project as soon as Day 1 of his presidency. This will hamper America’s energy independence and as of 4 AM crude futures are up 1 percent despite further Covid-19 lock downs overseas.

As reported Monday, the Biden campaign requested that the FBI probe the allegiance of National Guard troops protecting the capital during Inauguration Day. Not optimal Biden to question the troops who have swore an oath when your own allegiances are under question in Ukraine.

Let’s just say Biden is getting off on the wrong foot before he can even step into the shoes of the presidency.

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1 thought on “Biden getting off on the wrong foot

  1. within a few months all those who voted for joe, will see the errors of their ways. He will continue to ruin our nation. He is , and will always be a failure. BIG MISTAKE !


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