Thank you for your service, Mr. President. God bless

Wednesday January 20, 2021 President Trump leaves the White House after more than four brutal years of harassment and downright corruption to make this day happen.

Let’s look at an abbreviated timeline of the slings and arrows suffered by the president at the hands of the Democrats.

  • The Obama White House applied for and was granted FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign before the 2016 election.
  • The Obama intelligence agencies hired known partisans, Christopher Steele and Nellie Ohr, working for Glen Simpson’s FusionGPS to craft the false Steele Dossier to proffer the Russian Collusion hoax. The dossier was paid for through Hillary Clinton’s campaign law firm Perkins Coie.
  • The Obama White House charged incoming National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn with conspiring with the Russians in Jan. 2017 before the inauguration.
  • Just 12 minutes after Trump took the oath of office, The Washington Post posted a headline reading: The Impeachment of President Trump Begins Now. This began four years of biased reporting where left-leaning alleged journalists wrote screeds that won awards, but were ultimately untrue. 
  • A leaderless Justice Department allowed deep state operatives to name Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the Russia Hoax. After more than a year and almost $50 million spent, Mueller and his partisan staff could not find provable charges to bring against Trump or his staff.
  • Having failed the Russia, Russia, Russia chant, the House of Representative brought Articles of Impeachment against President Trump over his phone call with newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. While on the call the President — along with 50 long-time partisan foreign service operatives — asked Zelensky if he could look into corruption by the former Ukrainian leadership and the foreign aid provided by the US.
  • Bring on 2020. President Trump — despite having to survive all of the above — is leading a robust economy with the lowest minority unemployment numbers and a stock market at an all-time high.
  • Enter Covid-19. As the virus hit, Trump shut down travel to China and Europe in an attempt to keep the economy open. Democratic governors — as if on cue — enacted draconian economic measures including business shut downs.
  • Summer of hate as Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroyed Democratic-controlled  cities with unchallenged sieges and demonstrations.
  • Nov. 3 Presidential election. At 10 PM Trump is headed for a landslide, by 8 AM the following day Joe Biden has the lead despite losing three key states and most of the historic bellwether counties.

So as President Trump leaves the White House this morning he faces yet another impeachment charge over the Capitol Hill protests on Jan. 6th. On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton charged that Trump was working with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the protests.

So as you see Trump has come full circle.

Russia, Russia, Russia when he entered the White House.

Russia, Russia, Russia when he exits the White House.

Thank you for your service, Mr. President. God bless.

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your service, Mr. President. God bless

  1. Well said. My heart breaks for our nation and the abuse our President has taken. But I am so proud of him and the job he did. With both hands tied behind his back, he accomplished more than any president in history in just one term. Thanks for posting this to remind us how remarkable Donald J. Trump is.

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  2. Good summary, Michael… worth saving for future reference!! I think the role Melania has played is virtually unknown. This has to have been the hardest 4 years of her life & yet, she stood by her husband & our Country to help pull off this takedown of The Rotten Empire!!

    We The People now need to focus our prayers on those carrying out their assigned positions in this struggle to bring forth the New Era on Planet Earth that is about to begin!!! We need to encourage each other & not give in to fear!!

    THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!! Believe it!!! 😉

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