Mainstream media distrust soars: new study

I guarantee here’s a story you will not see in the mainstream media.

A new global study shows that less than half of college-educated respondents trust the news they get from the big media outlets. This is the lowest trust measurement ever recorded in the 20-year-old study.

A 46-percent minority say they trust the news they see or read on a daily basis. As Silicon Valley and major media outlets continue to hammer alternative media, most respondents say they look away from mainstream media for their news.

The study conducted by PR firm entitled Edelman’s Annual Trust-Barometer also shows that most respondents feel that journalists are deliberately bias and have an agenda to push that’s more important than giving straight news.

According to the study 56 percent of those polled say that journalists are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”  While 58 percent suggested that the media were “more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than informing the public.”

Not surprising that in the US President Trump supporters have the least amount of trust in the media. Only 18 percent of Trump backers polled have any faith in what the mainstream media presents as news.

All across the board respondents found that they least trusted news found on social media. Only 35 percent said they had faith in news shown on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Overall trust in most institutions including governments and corporations also suffered a decrease as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe.

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