Trump’s legal team looked lost in the Capitol Building

I cannot believe the representation former President Trump had in the Senate on Tuesday.

Trump’s defense lawyers Bruce Castor and co-counsel David Schoen had such a bad defense that it directly lead to House manager Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin of saying he saw no reason to even have a rebuttal after their 1.5 hour mishegas.

Castor’s presentation lacked focus and direction. He wandered through so many arguments with none of them being memorable despite me writing this soon after the Senate vote of 56-44 to proceed after getting six Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) votes.

For the record here are the six RINOs:

  • Sen. Cassidy-LA
  • Sen. Collins-ME
  • Sen. Murkowski-AK
  • Sen. Romney-UT
  • Sen. Sasse-NE
  • Sen. Toomey-PA

While I do not agree with Sen. Cassidy’s vote, I do agree with his assessment of Trump’s lawyers.

“President Trump’s team were disorganized. They did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand — and when they talked about it, they kind of glided over, almost as if they were embarrassed of their arguments,” Cassidy said following the vote.

Why this is important?

While the Senate will not get to the 67 votes needed to impeach Trump, the Democrats have an alternative plan after this to keep the ex-president out of politics in the future.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer plan to evoke the Section Three provision of the 14th Amendment, which would allow Congress — through only a majority vote in both Houses — to censure Trump so he can no longer hold public office. Thereby the Democrats and RINOs will get their desired results.

It’s imperative that Castor and Schoen put up a better and far more concise defense for the president.

These legal eagles need to pound the desk while clearly defining that the Senate has no jurisdiction over a private citizen. Also the speech was covered by the First Amendment so how can Congress abridge Trump’s right to free speech. The Senate is bound to “make no law” or action against speech, religion, freedom of the press, the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  

President Trump really did a deserve better lead defense lawyer, than someone who admittedly said he got lost in The Capitol Building on Tuesday.  I’m afraid we may have lost a lot more.


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