Trump’s legal eagles better soar and not lay another egg

As I wrote late Tuesday, President Trump’s lawyers Bruce Castor and co-counsel David Schoen didn’t bring their A-Game to the Senate impeachment hearing on the constitutionality of the charge yesterday.

As Castor admitted during his presentation, he got lost in The Capitol Building on Tuesday and I don’t think he ever found his footing during his unfocused rambling. His pregnant pauses had the gestation period of African elephant.

Castor used Tuesday’s constitutionality hearing as opening arguments instead of being laser focused on Congress’s abridgement of Trump’s free speech and unlawful prosecution of a private citizen.

We have a criminal justice system for private citizens, which affords the accused far more rights than was given to Trump during the second House impeachment hearings.

Schoen to his credit at least vehemently pointed out the slippery slope of setting the precedent of being able to backdate impeachments, which the House managers alleged was acceptable, in their lone Article of Impeachment. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts did not agree with that, that’s why he is not presiding over the trial.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Senate will here eight hours of testimony before a possible vote on the merits of the case. The previous two Senate votes indicate that getting 67 votes to convict will be almost impossible.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer plan to evoke the Section Three provision of the 14th Amendment, which would allow Congress ā€” through only a majority vote in both Houses ā€” to censure Trump so he can no longer hold public office. Thereby the Democrats and RINOs will get their desired results.

I will commend Trump’s team for the video presentation of Democrats calling for his impeachment as early as January of 2017, mere days after taking office. The fear and loathing against Trump will continue of course.

I would love to know what the left is so afraid of to continue this charade and break their constitutional vows.

On a side note, will someone get Sen. Pat Leahy, who is operating as witness, juror and judge, a vaccine shot so we can understand what he is saying.


1 thought on “Trump’s legal eagles better soar and not lay another egg

  1. Thanks, Michael!! I agree with you, exactly WHY are they so afraid of this man?! What do they know that we don’t?!!! šŸ˜‰ If it weren’t SO pathetic, it might even be laughable, Could we please start teaching our Constitution in the schools again?!!!

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