Those who can’t teach are keeping schools closed

The teacher’s union in America really needs to be disbanded because it is now is not about the children at all.

I’m not talking about teachers, I’m talking about the union. I have written earlier that the teacher’s union is the primary reason there is systemic racism in America through their policies of fighting school choice for American kids.

Now the United Federation of Teachers and its local chapters,are fighting the Biden administration and many states over bringing kids back to schools, which is needed so badly for the health and happiness of the students.

President Biden and his CDC officials have recommended that schools open, but the union is fighting this order on many fronts, despite its members being pushed to the front of the line for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Last month Biden said it wait 100 days and then schools would open. Well the teachers union had other plans so now Biden says maybe schools will open one day a week for students.

The teacher’s union has so much clout that the CDC has changed its language on school openings in the last two weeks to weaken its resolve bringing kids back to school this  year. The change only came, according to the CDC, after the union gave its input to the CDC.

That being said how does mainstream media report on the change in policy?

The New York Times and the Washington Post say Republicans are making school openings an issue, instead of reporting on the flip flop by the Biden administration because of its allegiance to the teachers union.

Listen, school-age kids have lost a year of school and everything that goes with that from socialization with friends, playing sports and Oh, learning.

School openings should not be a partisan issue, it should not be a political issue and it should not be left to the teachers union.

If it’s about the kids, then open the schools. Their lives hang in the balance, literally.


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